Our personalised canvas prints are very popular all year round at XP Merchandise. Our hand-made canvases make an ideal gift, turning your photo from a digital image into a long-lasting, cherished memento.

The canvas prints are built using 100% cotton canvas, stretched over high quality, sustainable, UK pine bars. Canvas prints are easy to customise by size and thickness with the option of gallery wrapped edges.

All personalised canvas prints are built by hand in our Bo'ness print shop, based in central Scotland.

How to ensure your photos are ready for canvas prints:
High resolution photos are essential for getting the very best quality canvas print. High resolution images have all the detailed information to be printed. Low resolution images lack this detailed information which will give a poor quality finish to the print and will look blurred, no matter what size canvas it is printed on. Photos taken with a digital camera or even camera phone are suitable for printing, images taking from ANY Website, including social media, or screen shots are all low resolution and WILL produce poor results.

Lighting is the most important factor to photography. There needs to be enough light to take a photograph, as a good source of light leads to brightness and less contrast. A photo taken in perfect lighting works well on canvas prints, as the quality of the print reflects the picture it displays. Supplying under exposed (too dark) or over exposed (too bright) images will produce poor quality results.

Focus, focus, focus; if your subject is out of focus, the print will be blurry. When taking the photo, ensure that you focus on the person or subject that you wish to be in clear focus. You must also hold your camera steady to ensure no camera shake is introduced, which will cause a poor quality print. Where available, either use a steady tripod or a faster shutter speed.

If you are in doubt about the quality of your image, please use the file check service, available on all canvas prints.